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You’re a savvy entrepreneur. 

Your idea is strong and sound.

You’ve got the basics in place:
-an ideal client and audience
-a lead magnet that converts
-and an email list of eager customers

But your emails are performing like a nervous kid at a talent show – flat and out of tune. 

You’ve been working hard. Trying to get it right.

But mild earthquakes have higher numbers than your open rates.

You’re still at 1.4 on the “Read My Emails” scale.

Your click-thru-rates? 

It’s like they’ve posted a sign that’s says, “I give up.”

And when it comes to Sales Campaigns…

You suspect that  too many emails are lost to the cruel will of SPAM filters.

Your latest launch has left you thinking, “I take this shame to my grave.

But it doesn’t have to be this way!

Your email just needs a bit of T.L.C.

T-Tactical Analysis
L-Leading Strategy
C-Conversion-focused copywriting

That’s where I come in.

My name is Holly and I write high-converting email sequences.

Nurture Sequences? Check.
Webinar Show Up Sequences? Check.
Sales Campaigns? Cha-ching and Check!

But don’t take my word for it. Check out my clients:barel

I really appreciated working with Holly. She is very, very thorough and cares about the client and the project. I have never doubted that I've been in good hands. -SarahMorrison, Director of Coaching, ClickFunnels
Holly has taken my lukewarm email list and made it a vibrant, engaged conversation. Whether it's my personal sales emails or for a client in my agency, I hire Holly when I want to make money. -Kyle Gray, Story Engine & Story Engine Agency
Oh my gosh.. Holly!!!!! These are SOOOOOOOOOO good. I almost signed up for my own Challenge after reading these. I can't even! There is so much here. This is going to really connect with people. I'm over here holding back the tears. You are amazing! -Jenny Randle, Freedom Creatives & Shut the Should Up Podcast

Currently booking projects two months ahead.

And that’s not me employing a clever persuasion trick of scarcity or positioning.

It’s truth.

Projects are booking two months out. Day rates available right now starting at $1497 USD – they are filling up fast!

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